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Japan: Day 4 @ Tokyo – #explodi...

Photo 27-12-15, 7 06 08 PM

Having some massive wanderlust these days, dreaming about going to places, just because I’m like a free soul right now HAHA! Explodingbelly is heading to Bangkok in a month’s time and back to Japan in March! Exciting times ahead before I evolve into a working adult! Here’s day 4 of my travelogue because I’m efficient […]

Japan: Day 3 @ Tokyo – #explodi...

Photo 26-12-15, 7 26 34 PM

If you’ve missed my previous posts from Japan, they are here: First timer tips Day 1 Day 2 My first 2 days were in Osaka, and now, we are finally taking the Shinkansen to Tokyo, the capital of Japan! The morning was a mad rush because our train to Tokyo leaves at 8.30am, and we […]

Japan: Gudetama Cafe @ HEP FIVE

Photo 24-12-15, 5 48 52 PM

Yes, if you’ve read my Japan day 1 travelogue, you’d have saw that I visited the permanent Gudetama cafe at HEP Five, Osaka! OF COURSE I DID. This is probably the FIRST and ONLY permanent Gudetama cafe in Japan as of yet. They do have random pop-ups in different areas of Japan for limited periods of time, […]

Japan: Day 2 @ Osaka – #explodi...

Photo 25-12-15, 1 49 42 PM

Just in case you didn’t get the memo, #explodinginjapan is the official hashtag for my food adventures in Japan on Instagram (@explodingbelly). HAHA! Catch the first part of this travelogue here and some tips for you first time travelers here. We spent our second day, which was coincidentally Christmas day, in Japan at Osaka!  Today, […]

Japan: Day 1 @ Osaka – #explodi...

Photo 24-12-15, 1 43 39 PM

If you missed my previous post, and are planning for your trip to Japan, you may want to check it out here for some quick tips! Here’s the beginning of the adventure of my first ever trip to Japan. You bet I’m excited! Okay lah, I was excited in November then the excitement died down by […]

First timer tips for a free & ea...

Photo 26-12-15, 11 24 04 AM

Here’s the official hashtag on Instagram for all my eats in Japan – #explodinginjapan! This Japan trip was initially planned for May earlier in 2015, but because I was a hardcore basketballer (HAHA), I refused to go as TRAINING > everything. Stupid shit. Then my parents decided to go in July, and I could not […]

Japan: BAKE Cheese Tarts

Photo 24-12-15, 4 10 39 PM

I’ve heard so much about BAKE’s cheese tarts, and never actually thought I’d have a chance to visit them in where they originated from – JAPAN. But okay, I did. HAHA! These delectable cheese tarts are SO popular, they have 6 outlets in Tokyo, 1 in Kansai, 1 in Kyushu, and 3 outlets overseas – […]