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Explodingbelly’s Adventure in J...


Since I’ve now found a way to blog from my phone, the inertia to post is much lesser because I finally do not have to edit then transfer to my computer and  upload to WordPress again. I can just upload straight from here! I am v happy. I’ve received several comments where you guys would […]

Kam Long Curry Fish Head – The ...

Photo May 09, 14 49 06

You might want to bring along a loaf of gardenia bread or baguette to this place. Kam Long, wow. Where have you been all my life? And I am probably late to the party because a single google search would fetch you tons of reviews. I’ve never heard of them until we met some friends […]

Salted Egg Croissants @ Seven Oaks &#...

Photo 4-1-16, 3 31 55 PM (1)

I wonder why it has taken so long for this idea of a Salted Egg Croissant to come closer to our shores. Ever since we’ve been blown away by the pictures of salted egg croissants created first (or so I thought) by Urban bakery in Hong Kong (which has been featured on my ultimate list […]

Review: Koone @ Jalan Dhoby – E...

Review: Koone @ Jalan Dhoby – EB X JB

Since I noticed Koone during their opening and while doing up my list of JB cafehopping guide, I’ve very badly wanted to pay them a visit. This desire was compounded by seeing the photos of their soft serves on my Instagram feed! SO PRETTY. And yes, it’s KOONE, not KONE, as I initially thought. The O is […]

Review: Bev C – EB X JB

Photo 12-11-15, 1 54 44 PM

Bev C is one of the cafes I’ve enjoyed thoroughly in my JB Cafehopping adventures! Because.. Ambience check. Yummy food check. Good coffee check. Instagram worthy check. Wifi check. – The password will crack you up. It is…. giveme5dollar HAHAHA! The Place Located at Jalan Tan Hiok Nee as well, like most of the cafes […]

Review: Replacement – Lodge �...

Photo 5-11-15, 1 24 43 PM

Thank you all for reading my guide to JB cafes and I’ve reviewed many of your comments – it seems like The Replacement – Lodge & Kitchen was the majority’s number 1 choice, and got a lot of girls squealing in excitement, it seems. Don’t worry I did too. In fact, I demanded to visit The Replacement […]

The JB Cafehopping Guide + DIRECTIONS...

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[UPDATED: 10th May 2016] JB CAFEHOPPING IS THE IN THING TO DO NOW. Serious. You want to be part of the cool kids, you better read this. HAHA! But honestly, it would be a good break for your crying wallets, as well as an eye opening experience to visit the different cafe concepts in Malaysia! […]

Lis Gelato – EB X JB (Palladium...

Photo 8-11-15, 1 14 20 PM (1)

Lis Gelato. Lis? Is it a girl’s name? Okay no. It’s actually the acronym for Love Is Simple. Ah, gelato. Who can HATE gelato, really?  Love is definitely simple with gelato, especially in the sultry heat. Riding on the fame and popularity of the underwhelming pop up Palladium Cafe, will Lis be the rose amongst […]

Hiap Joo Bakery and Biscuit Factory &...

Photo 6-11-15, 1 28 37 PM

Whenever anyone tells me that they are going to JB, my eyes light up as I thick-skinnedly ask “OMG CAN YOU HELP ME BUY BANANA CAKE?”. And usually the response from a non-foodie friend will go like huh? WHAT BANANA CAKE?! GO YOUR HOUSE DOWNSTAIRS BUY LAH. Bitch please. Don’t be rude. Haha! What banana […]

Palladium Cafe – EB X JB

Photo 3-10-15, 3 14 15 PM (1)

Right after we visited JWC – The Factory 30, we continued with our search with Palladium Cafe, after making a wrong turn at the start of our journey. Just in case, you’re so intrigued by the looks of the place and can’t be bothered to read about the review, here’s how to get there:  use WAZE […]