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The Ninja Strikes (Again) – Nin...


OMG, this is seriously effort from the Ninja team. First, it was an updated menu at Ninja Bowl; and a few months later – here’s the new menu from Ninja Cut. I heard they are in the midst of creating something new AGAIN to keep things updated at Ninja Bowl. All these talk about Ninja […]

Ninja Bowl Adds Ammunition To Their B...


The Ninja has done it again. For those who’ve been following Explodingbelly, you all should have realized that I’m a HUGE fan of the Ninja concepts and food – chronicled here and here. I was psyched when Darren, the father Ninja, got into contact with myself and told me that they had NEW additions to their brunch […]

Review: Five and Dime Brunch Menu

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Ah, Five and Dime, we meet again. A place which has encapsulated most of my dating memories – we celebrated his very first birthday here, and we had our first date at this very space as well! If you’re curious, here’s the previous review and story written by me, before I was Explodingbelly. Actually I think […]

Review: Rise and Grind Coffee Co @ Bu...

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After my color of asparagus gone wrong visit to Rise and Grind previously, I returned to try out their relatively new menu just a couple of weeks ago! Nothing apparent has changed from our last visit, except for its menu. Some of the items from our last visit has been taken out, and a lot […]

Review: BoCHINche @ Martin Road (NEW ...

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I don’t know about you guys, but I’m getting a little sick of the usual Weekend Brunches consisting of eggs made 10 ways, and them hollandaise sauce. When I heard that BoCHINche has launched a new brunch menu, it immediately caught my attention. Why? Cause I was honestly curious what kind of magic could happen […]

Review: The Populus Coffee & Foo...

Photo 30-11-15, 2 06 00 PM

Here comes a new challenger at the Neil Road enclave – Populus Coffee & Food Co! Wa sounds like Capcom hor. Haha! Seriously, this area is the BEST place to cafe hop for us, and that also mean a hell lot of competition for the cafes in the area, as well as a lot of thought […]

Review: Joo Bar @ Tan Quee Lan Street...

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There will be a couple of posts on the Menu Updates of various establishments these days, because it is AWESOME for cafes and restaurants to have something NEW to be added into their repertoire, and surprise us! Just like Joo Bar! Previously I’ve blogged about their dinner menu, which still remains kinda unchanged by the […]

Review: Kith Cafe @ Park Mall

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Old is gold. While everyone’s chasing after the latest cafe openings and the latest menu, including myself, I find it comforting to take a break from all of that at times, and revisit the cafes which had withstood the test of time. These are the cafes that never seem to disappoint and still draw long […]

Review: Rise and Grind Co @ Bukit Tim...

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When I first heard about a new cafe being named Rise and Grind, I got really excited because WA THAT IS WHAT I DO EVERYDAY. HAHA! However, the only thing that kept me from visiting is the fact that it is located a little inconveniently at Bukit Timah. I finally got my lazy butt here […]

Review: Hyde & Co. @ North Bridg...

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Hyde and Co., an English-themed cafe, arrived in the Kampong Glam district late last year. Known for their high teas and crumpets, they have recently launched a NEW Brunch menu, that is something which I’m pretty sure will get themselves known for as well. Accompanying their contemporary interior, with the white-washed walls, is also their […]