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Ninja Cut – The Other Ninja Con...


When I heard that the same people behind Ninja Bowl has a new concept along Seah Street, my first thought was… DAMN, I NEED TO GO. And so, I did. Nothing gets between Explodingbelly and her food. Of course, I did not regret that decision at all. While the concept may seem a little similar to […]

Kumoya @ Jalan Klapa – Japanese...


My friends always tell me calories from desserts don’t count because they don’t go to the belly, they go to the heart. Always this was just a fluke until I paid the one-week old Kumoya Singapore a visit last weekend. The sight of their desserts just made my heart flutter like the adorable 5 year […]

Review: Froth @ BIG Hotel

Photo 31-10-15, 1 01 45 PM

I’ve first heard of Froth for its TARO WAFFLES, and I’m sure most of you foodies too! That purple sauce over the very overused dessert item – waffles, was a hit with many instagrammers because they are just so different and instagram-worthy! I didn’t visit them then, because the thought of heading to a hotel […]

Review: Pacamara Boutique Coffee Roas...

Photo 15-12-15, 3 29 17 PM

Pacamara is one cafe which we’ve always wanted to visit ever since they’ve opened their doors, but were 1.5 years late to it. HAHA! Pacamara is ran by the same team behind the now defunct OZ Specialty Coffee, with their Thailand partners, Pacamara Coffee Roasters. Although we were late to the party, Pacamara was one place we knew we […]

Review: Koone @ Jalan Dhoby – E...

Review: Koone @ Jalan Dhoby – EB X JB

Since I noticed Koone during their opening and while doing up my list of JB cafehopping guide, I’ve very badly wanted to pay them a visit. This desire was compounded by seeing the photos of their soft serves on my Instagram feed! SO PRETTY. And yes, it’s KOONE, not KONE, as I initially thought. The O is […]

Review: The Art Space Specialty Coffe...

Photo 16-12-15, 2 28 24 PM

The Art Space Specialty Coffee has finally OFFICIALLY LAUNCHED. Previously named as Artisan C, I guess you guys have seen them around on Instagram from a while ago. This concept of a cafe cum art space at Suntec City is kinda hard to forget huh? It was also pretty difficult to catch them during their […]

Review: Symmetry @ Jalan Kubor (Dinne...

Photo 21-10-15, 8 29 38 PM

Symmetry celebrates its THIRD anniversary this month. WOW. As a cafe/restaurant/bistro, aiya food establishment at the cafe clad Bugis area, and actually doing well for all 3 years, it’s a huge deal really. I’ve heard so much about Symmetry and seen them on probably a weekly basis on my Instagram feed, especially for their signature […]

Review: One Man Coffee @ Fusionopolis...

Photo 13-10-15, 12 55 44 PM

Oh my gosh? One Man Coffee has their third outlet opened at Fusionopolis (@One-North)?! Are we meant to be? They’ve expanded to their second outlet near my home, at Serangoon Gardens, and now NEAR MY SCHOOL?! We MUST be meant for each other! The first outlet shares the space with CRUST at Upper Thomson by the […]

Review: Sinpopo Brand @ Joo Chiat Roa...

Photo 19-9-15, 6 19 17 PM

Sinpopo Brand has always been on my list to visit cafes, but they just sound so out of the way, because JOO CHIAT ROAD. Where the hell is Joo Chiat road? Ever since I graduated from VJ and moved out from the East, every where related to East Coast feels like going to JB. I […]

Just Want Coffee – Factory 30: ...

Photo 3-10-15, 2 23 24 PM

Okay, after EB has finished ranting, she goes back to do her blogging. I just took my very first road trip around JB last Saturday! It was SUPER FUN, HOT, HAZY and ugh, HUMID. In our quest to look for the temporary pop-up cafe, Palladium, we took a good 1.5 hours traveling all around, going […]