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A Healthier Alternative to Your CNY B...

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Even though bakkwa is available all year round, we see long queues everywhere for these amazing slices of barbecued pork only during CNY because… We all know it, CNY is the best excuse for us to stuff our faces silly with calorie laden, artery-clogging food. Let me break it down for you guys, ONE slice […]

1-for-1 deals with LOCO @ Pie Face NE...

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As some of you may know, I’m trying to save up furiously so that I can head for more trips before I start my life as an adult, a working adult. Boohoo. I have recently found an app that not only helps me to save money, it gives me a chance to win an $88 […]

Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas!


I know. I’m regretting my decisions too. WHY DID I PROCRASTINATE?! NOW THE SHOPPING MALLS ARE SO PACKED EVERYDAY, WHERE GOT TIME TO GO BUY THINGS? OR GET INSPIRATION?!! I know. I hope this list would help you guys generate some ideas on what to get for your loved ones, or for your gift exchanges! […]

BellyCooks – 1 ingredient homem...

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Since explodingbelly has semi-graduated and is on her holidays now, it’s time for her to hone her skills in the kitchen, like where women belong (bitch pls). As I’m a horribly lazy and unskilled cook, who only knows how to oven bake my salmon and chicken breast, and fry some vegetables, I’m constantly looking out for ways […]

Product Review: LG TONE Active Blueto...

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As you guys know that I’ve been really excited about running these days, especially with the Fitbit and the clearance to finally run after 4 months of rehab, I’ve encountered several problems, which have been hindering the comfort of my run, besides the knee of course. Oh THEN AGAIN. RUNNING IS NEVER COMFORTABLE, to me. HAHA! […]

FoodPanda & TaoBao promotions wi...

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OMG GUYS. You know EXPLODINGBELLY is always damn awesome cause I always “GOOD THINGS MUST SHARE” right? I always regret shopping online, cause I do it like on almost a daily basis. Ok more like when I’ve nothing to do, then I’ll open up my Zalora app to see, see and accidentally spend $100 in […]

Product Review: Green Pea Cookie

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Exams are over for Explodingbelly, and this means the revival of this space. You know how I’m always nice and share good stuff to you guys right (and also entertain you all with my rants and bitchiness), here’s another one of those good stuff because good things must share right? Green Pea Cookie – yes, […]

Product Review: Fitbit – the fi...

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I’m pretty sure most of you have heard about Fitbit, because everyone whom I asked says, “OH! Fitbit ah, that track your steps one”. Yes, you’re right. Maybe.. Just 1/6 right, especially if you’re talking about the Fitbit Charge HR, which I would be talking about shortly. For those who are not sure what a […]

Product Review: Sudio Sweden

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I’m one who never believed in paying hundreds of dollars for a good pair of earphones when I have my trusty iPhone earphones. But, all these changed when I received my first pair of Sudio Earphones. Wow. How wrong have I been all these while – listening with the earphones that DO NOT do the […]

Mooncake Festival Special: Swensen...

Mooncake Festival Special: Swensen’s Mooncakes!

When I think about Swensen’s, I think about Ice Cream and indeed, Swensen’s has launched their very own SG50 Moon Gems ice-cream mooncakes! These mooncakes come with a lantern box, which is complete with LED Light and batteries too! Now, let’s talk about what matters most, THE MOONCAKES! Available in 6 flavors, they are: 1. […]