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G Spa – More than just a spa @ ...

Photo 23-8-15 6 07 55 pm

In continuation of the 162-part sitcom of Benny’s birthday (WA SHIT MEANS I HAVE TO CELEBRATE HIS BIRTHDAY 162 TIMES?!), here’s a recount and review of how we celebrated his 27th! Here and Here’s what we did on his 26th! It was a short celebration this year because of various circumstances, i.e. my explodedknee, which […]

Popgal Popcorns – Gourmet Popco...

Photo 31-7-15 12 28 41 pm

Save the trouble of popping your own popcorns, and also, wasting your money on REALLY overpriced gourmet popcorns! I’m a HUGE fan of popcorns, yet I feel the great inertia to part ways with my money to pay for the “gourmet” popcorns that smell OH SO GOOD. Being an AWESOME person, here’s the deal, I’ve found […]

MILO Ice Energy – Your Milo Van...

Photo 29-7-15 10 47 31 am

Don’t we all miss the days when we get so excited whenever we see the green truck sent from heaven parked on our school compounds and at the end of certain races? It’s like OMG. Nothing can taste better than the milo dispensed from the milo van. No, not even the Milo peng from kopitiam. It’s just… […]