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Eggs ‘n’ Things sneaks up...


Wow it has been awhile since I’ve blogged, I’ve been busy with, well… Life. Amidst of struggling with life, the famous Hawaiian-Japanese based Brunch place – Eggs & Things has sneaked up upon our shores, making their first outlet out of Hawaii and Japan! No news, no hype, small media tasting group hmm. I’m not […]

Kumoya @ Jalan Klapa – Japanese...


My friends always tell me calories from desserts don’t count because they don’t go to the belly, they go to the heart. Always this was just a fluke until I paid the one-week old Kumoya Singapore a visit last weekend. The sight of their desserts just made my heart flutter like the adorable 5 year […]

Review: The Plain Jane Cafe @ Serango...

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Even before they’ve opened their doors, I’ve seen the pictures of their beautiful interior and people on Instagram gushing over their swiss rolls, I wondered what’s the deal with this cafe? I learned that The Plain Jane was just a 2km+ walk away from my place, and of course, I was excited to pay them a visit! […]

15 places for unicorns to get your RA...

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Okay just a heads up, this post is about RAINBOW CAKES and a short walk down Explodingbelly’s memory lane with her rainbow cakes escapades. I think all of us would have a rainbow cake craze some time in our lives because seeing colors just makes us SO HAPPY. During a period of time last year, […]

Review: Brother Bird Bali by Statelan...

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The Stateland Boys are at it again. After capturing our hearts with their honeycomb cubes at Honeycomb, they’ve decided to convert the space where the above mentioned used to be located at, to a relatively new concept, Brother Bird Bali. Well.. I’m not sure if it’s any different, because Brother Bird Bali serves up soft serves […]

Review: L’ECLAIR by Sarah Miche...

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For those who have been following my blog, you may find the name, L’ECLAIR familiar, as I’ve mentioned them here before! Of course, if you’ve read and felt really sad for missing the pop-up eclair store of L’ECLAIR, well.. Here’s some good news! Sarah and Michelle have finally moved out of their pop-up store lives and, in an […]

Review: Angelina Singapore @ Capitol ...

Photo 7-6-15 3 17 19 pm

Angelina, Paris’ internationally acclaimed patisserie and tea room, has set its foot in Capitol Piazza, alongside dessert powerhouse, Dazzling Cafe! Did you know that Angelina is actually 112 years old? Wow. With the fast changing gourmet scene, such a cafe with a long history must be really something to have survived through these years! Not […]

Dessert Art with Jasmin Chew at Stell...

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I was thrilled when I received the invitation for this Dessert Art workshop with Jasmin Chew at Stellar! Firstly, that means I would get to meet the really young and talented pastry chef, Jasmin Chew, whom I’ve heard so much about her creativity on the presentation of her desserts, and the amazing flavors as well! […]

Review: Lickers Ice Cream @ Lorong Ah...

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One of the happiest things in life, is having an ice cream parlor opening 5 minutes away from your place, and JUST beside a damn good cafe (i.e. CIEL) that has amazing bakes. Rejoice! All you Lorong Ah Soo dwellers, because now, we not only get to enjoy local delicacies at our favorite Blk 105 […]

Review: FatCat Ice Cream Bar

Every cafehopper dream includes paying FatCat Ice Cream Bar for their plated desserts, ice cream with unique flavors and their signature waffles with Salted Egg sauce, and I wasn’t an exception.  We got really excited at the prospect of visiting them. Besides we’ve heard about how packed the place can get and how their waffles were selling out […]