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What to Expect at Savour 2016

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Why cafe hop when you can restaurant hop this weekend at Savour 2016, with dishes starting from just $6 and up, NO GST NO SERVICE CHARGE. SERIOUSLY. NO ADMISSION FEES AS WELL. Savour 2016 comes back this year with a bang and super open doors, because admission is FREE! They are located at Bayfront Avenue, just […]

Calla Spa – Indulgence Redefine...


The new(ish) and revamped Suntec City might just be my new favorite haunt, just like how it was during my childhood. Fun fact: My parents used to bring me there EVERY weekend. Gosh. In this brand new edition of Suntec City, I like it not only because of how spacious it is now and the large […]

Rocking My Inner Wild Child with Bump...

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Ever since I’ve last dyed my hair blue for IHG (inter hall games) 2 years ago, because KR people bleed blue, I’ve always wanted to try out a different color after the blue faded off. It took me TWO years of procrastination to finally get it done, and also partly because 95% of the people […]

Review: Dazzling Cafe X Sweety Tweety

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Ah, is it just me or the name Tweety Bird brings upon all those childhood memories of us watching Looney Tunes in our kindergarten, or giving the nickname to a particular friend with an in-proportionately sized head? HAHA! I DON’T CALL PEOPLE NAMES HOR. I’m an angel in school.  If I’ve accidentally triggered those nostalgia and […]

FoodPanda & TaoBao promotions wi...

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OMG GUYS. You know EXPLODINGBELLY is always damn awesome cause I always “GOOD THINGS MUST SHARE” right? I always regret shopping online, cause I do it like on almost a daily basis. Ok more like when I’ve nothing to do, then I’ll open up my Zalora app to see, see and accidentally spend $100 in […]

G Spa – More than just a spa @ ...

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In continuation of the 162-part sitcom of Benny’s birthday (WA SHIT MEANS I HAVE TO CELEBRATE HIS BIRTHDAY 162 TIMES?!), here’s a recount and review of how we celebrated his 27th! Here and Here’s what we did on his 26th! It was a short celebration this year because of various circumstances, i.e. my explodedknee, which […]

Dessert Art with Jasmin Chew at Stell...

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I was thrilled when I received the invitation for this Dessert Art workshop with Jasmin Chew at Stellar! Firstly, that means I would get to meet the really young and talented pastry chef, Jasmin Chew, whom I’ve heard so much about her creativity on the presentation of her desserts, and the amazing flavors as well! […]

Mothers’ Day Special: Din Tai F...

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I know this post is a little late, but no matter how late it is, it’ll always be in time for Mother’s Day next year as Din Tai Fung organizes a Culinary Workshop and High Tea session for you and your beloved mothers every year for Mother’s Day! Hehe! Just to prepare you for next […]

Krispy Kreme: Spreading its glaze to ...

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Krispy Kreme has made Resorts World Sentosa even sweeter with its brand new opening here in June 2015! Nestled within the close proximity of the best place in Singapore, Universal Studios, and just above the Casino, they will definitely be hard to miss! A fully air-conditioned 32-seater cafe where one could seek shelter from the merciless heat, and […]

New Zealand Fair @ Cold Storage

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The Cold Storage New Zealand Food Fair is now on from 18 May to 24 May at Plaza Singapura’s Atrium! Did you know that Cold Storage has 3 to 4 of such food fairs showcasing food from different parts of the world that they do stock up on their shelves?! Well.. I never knew that! But now we […]