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Bangkok: The Residence on Thonglor &#...

And yes, DID I SAY INFINITY POOL? The view here was simply on point.

Looks like you will drop off hor, but no lah you won't. It's very safe. I got a nice picture of me in the infinity pool as well, but that was gone with my phone also. HAHA!

After writing up the post on my experience at THA City Loft at Ekkamai, several of my friends have actually went there to stay on their recent trip to Bangkok and they loved it! I’m glad, of course. But mostly surprised because it is still really new to me that people ACTUALLY read my blog and […]

Travelogue (#explodingbennybkk): Bang...

Photo 16-2-16 2 39 25 pm

Here’s the not too long awaited sequel to my Bangkok travelogue! If you’ve missed the first one here it is: Travelogue (#explodingbennybkk): Bangkok Day 1 So, on the first day, we went to several places around the Ekkamai area, and barely took the BTS! On day 2, it was the day when I’ve planned for […]

Bangkok: On Lok Yun [Review]

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Wow, thanks for tuning in to my day 1 travelogue and boy, am I surprised that so many of you have read it within a day! I stalking your readership heh heh, no lah happened to see it only! So here’s the review of On Lok Yun as promised! On Lok Yun, as most of […]

Travelogue (#explodingbennybkk): Bang...

Photo 15-2-16 8 00 05 pm

Possibly the most difficult post for me to write, ironically, especially since this was possibly the trip I had the most fun with one of my favorite persons in the world. It’s difficult because good memories are always tough to look back upon, when you know that you will never experience it the same again! But this entire 4 […]

Salted Egg, Thai Milk Tea or Matcha L...

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So what comes after salted egg croissants, salted egg french toasts, and the many other unique creations from this list? Just as I thought there would be no other salted egg  creations that would wow me, CODE Cafe of Dessert Enthusiasts (Bangkok) proved otherwise with their SALTED EGG LAVA THICK TOAST. We all know how […]