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MAGNUM in a PINT – I kid you no...


OMG OMG OMG. Magnum finally comes in a pint in Singapore! All our late night magnum cravings while we netflix can be fixed without the mess I usually make when eating the ones on a stick! OMG OMG. Is this a dream or is this reality? What do these aesthetically pleasing tubs of ice cream […]

LAVA Ice Cream Cookies – I LAVA...


Hi friends, I don’t know how is this post gonna work out because I’m doing this review from my phone! Believe that it’s gonna be a good alternative if this post works out well, because I’ve been so crazily swarmed with work (what’s new) these days – reaching home at 11, 12am, then rinse and […]

Review: Koone @ Jalan Dhoby – E...

Review: Koone @ Jalan Dhoby – EB X JB

Since I noticed Koone during their opening and while doing up my list of JB cafehopping guide, I’ve very badly wanted to pay them a visit. This desire was compounded by seeing the photos of their soft serves on my Instagram feed! SO PRETTY. And yes, it’s KOONE, not KONE, as I initially thought. The O is […]

Review: Lickers Ice Cream @ Lorong Ah...

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One of the happiest things in life, is having an ice cream parlor opening 5 minutes away from your place, and JUST beside a damn good cafe (i.e. CIEL) that has amazing bakes. Rejoice! All you Lorong Ah Soo dwellers, because now, we not only get to enjoy local delicacies at our favorite Blk 105 […]

Review: FatCat Ice Cream Bar

Every cafehopper dream includes paying FatCat Ice Cream Bar for their plated desserts, ice cream with unique flavors and their signature waffles with Salted Egg sauce, and I wasn’t an exception.  We got really excited at the prospect of visiting them. Besides we’ve heard about how packed the place can get and how their waffles were selling out […]

Review: Everton Creamery @ Everton Pa...

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I paid the newest kid on Blk 7 of Everton Park a visit yesterday because the weather was being a bitch. Everton Creamery joins the heavily populated Everton Park, joining the ranks of old timers like Audacious Cakery, Nylon and Grin Affair. Thankfully, not as another pastry store in the area, because I’m already spoilt for choice. […]

Review: Rabbit Owl Depot

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When Rabbit Owl Depot opened its doors, they immediately shot to fame with its distinct snow flake waffles served on its black clay (? not porcelain) plate. Being a skeptic of waffles, I’ve always wondered what was so good about their waffles and how different were they from their counterparts. Well.. Let us see. The Place The ice […]