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$10 Chirashi Don?! – only at Di...


I’m surprised I’ve never heard about District Sushi before – $10 chirashi don leh, how to not hear about it and chiong down? My first thought was, it’s either I’ve been too busy at work to follow my social media happenings or they are still pretty low key amongst the masses. I later found out […]

Review: Teru Sushi – $1.17 OYST...

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“OMG WHERE AH?” “OMG. I CANNOT” These were the sorts of comments I received since I’ve posted about the $1++ oysters on my Instagram. Yes, it’s crazy I know. It’s NOT a promotion, it IS what it is. These plump, succulent oysters from Teru Sushi costs only $1++, which is approximately, $1.17. Well, well.. I got […]