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Uni Gallery by Oosterbay @ Bugis R...


This is definitely not one of my affordable dining experiences (read here if you’re on the wrong post, haha!), but if you’re looking for a once in a lifetime kinda dining experience, this is definitely for you! As I’ve mentioned time and again, even though I’m a food blogger, I’m as clueless or even more […]

Review: Ninja Bowl @ Duxton Road R...

Photo Apr 28, 19 32 36

Off goes the old, in comes the new. It was definitely a sad moment for us when Department of Caffeine left their home at Duxton, and all that was revolving around my mind was, would Ninja Bowl be the hero we need at Duxton road? With the tough competition in the area such as the […]

Tanuki Raw REOPENS – Refurbishe...

Photo Apr 13, 19 02 25

The moment we have all been waiting for – the reopening of Tanuki Raw Bar at Orchard Central. Well.. Not for me because I didn’t quite have a pleasant experience at Tanuki previously. I thought their food was just overhyped by Instagram and just simply… Inconsistent. When I heard that Tanuki Raw is set to […]

$5.50 Ramen Only At Takagi Ramen Shop...

Photo 3-4-16 2 12 12 pm

I love all kinds of men, especially raMEN. I think it is rare for any of us to have experienced getting some change back from a $10 bill when having ramen right? Not in Singapore, not in Japan either. Takagi Ramen Shop probably is THE only place you’d be able to get 2 bowls of […]

The Cheapest Chirashi Don in Singapor...

Photo 20-3-16 6 56 17 pm

You just have to add a few coins to that red note ($10) to get yourself a bowl of chirashi don topped with generous cubes of sashimi and ikura. It’s rare, isn’t it? It’s too good to be true, and that also explains the crazy line at the back of Thomson Plaza, the once neglected […]

Affordable and DIY kaisen don? SASHIM...

Photo 28-2-16 1 18 08 pm (1)

I first heard of Teppei because of their elusive omakase dinners that required a waiting list of a couple of months. There was once I even tried to call to get a reservation for myself 2 years ago, but to no avail. Hence, when I heard that they first opened their take away outlet in the Food Hall […]

Review: Butahage @ Liang Court

Photo 17-9-15, 1 46 45 PM

GRILLED PORK RICE right from Hokkaido! I don’t usually do posts after eating just one item on the menu, but Butahage is an exception because that’s pretty much what they serve, together with some teeny weeny side dishes. Their star is still their Butadon – literally translated to english as Pork Rice. This dish is […]