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James Cheese Back Ribs – Gettin...

This is the more cheese option (2) - 16,000 Won. I'd really have preferred 3, but my mum's not a huge fan of cheese!

It’s been awhile, and I’ve got TONS of dining suggestions in Seoul for you guys, give me some time to procrastinate and write ok? I’m glad a couple of you enjoyed the Lobster Bar, thank you for giving me the reassurance that my recommendations still quite useful. Is it I low self esteem?! Haha! Here’s another […]

Get Your Affordable Lobster Fix at Se...


Wow, it’s been almost a month since I’ve written a post here. Do the readers of Explodingbelly even read this blog any more? DOES IT EVEN EXIST?! Haha! Yes, I’m back and trying to get myself back into the flow of blogging and juggling my adult life with my passion. Man, it’s really tough. Being […]

Review: 8 E!GHT KOREAN BBQ @ Clarke Q...

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I mean, seriously, who can resist Korean BBQ? Even though it makes us smelly most of the time, we still keep going back for more because there’s something about having meats cooked in front of us, having a meal with a group of friends, overeating together, and just tasting those juicy tender proteins that contribute to that hedonistic […]

Review: Sweet Monster Singapore

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Korean dessert franchise – Sweet Monster has invaded our shores, after having a stronghold of a whooping 26 stores in Korea, as well as stores in UAE, Saudi Arabia, China, Hong Kong, and Thailand. Within the span of a month, they’ve set up TWO outlets in Singapore – one in Plaza Singapura and the other […]

Review: Caffebene @ Vivo City

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Caffebene, THE Korean’s best coffee brand has finally set its foot on our shores. After having over 1,500 stores worldwide, including America, Myanmar and Malaysia, it’s finally OUR turn! Besides being known for their exceptional cups of coffee, Caffebene also offers a wide range items made from the authentic Korean Caffebene’s recipe, with tweaks to suit our tastebuds, […]

Review: Masizzim @ Somerset 313

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From the same people who I BELIEVE led the whole Korean Fried Chicken wave in Singapore, Chir Chir Fusion Chicken Factory, comes Masizzim. WALAO NOT ANOTHER KOREAN NAME, which I’ll make a fool out of myself when I try to pronounce it. SIAN. Why Masizzim? “Masi” in Korean, means delicious, and “jjim” means stew! Hence, Masizzim, […]

Review: Beesket (Singapore)

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With the springing up of bingsu and korean fried chicken outlets at a tremendous rate of late on our little island, it is almost like a Korean food invasion on our shores! Beesket, the latest drink outlet, is following hot on the heels of their Korean counterparts, and has already opened 2 outlets (Changi City Point and 321 […]

Review: Joo Bar @ Tan Quee Lan Street

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“Joo” is alcohol in Korean.  I’m usually not a Joo person, nor a bar person. Yet, when I first heard of the opening of Joo Bar, I was intrigued by the Korean bites it served, together with its funky looking drinks. I was very fortunate to be invited by Roy (@eatwithroy) and Joo Bar for a […]

Review: Chick and Ken @ Lorong Telok

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Wondering where to go this weekend? Or are you a foodie working around the Raffles Place area and getting sick of the food you get around there? You may want to check out the week-old Chick and Ken. Yes, they sell Chicken. Opened by the Stateland Boys, Chick and Ken is their new KFC (Korean Fried Chicken) […]