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Blanco Court Traditional Hainan Beef ...

Photo Jul 10, 13 59 36 (1)

I have always been a fan of beef noodles, yet most of the time, I don’t know where I could find them in Singapore, or I find the stalls rather generic at food courts and choose not to try them. When I heard about Blanco Court Traditional Beef Noodles, I thought, hey this sounds pretty legit, and […]

Roosevelt Diner & Bar – NE...

Photo Jun 05, 16 58 24

Yet another trip to Roosevelt’s Diner Bar by same people behind the refurnished Montana concept at PoMo! I guess that’s how the more seasoned cafes keep their reign in the saturated cafe scene in Singapore – by constantly improving their dishes and refreshing their menu. It’s definitely heartening for diners like US to be able to enjoy the old […]

Possibly the BEST buffet – EDGE...

Photo Apr 24, 12 39 06

I have been intending to do up this post for the longest while, but I’ve been too caught up with work! I don’t usually blog about buffets because they are mostly usually mediocre, but this one from Edge at Pan Pacific Singapore blew me away. I knew I had to share this with all of […]

McCafe Launches Brand NEW Sandwiches ...

Photo May 28, 16 54 24

We all know McDonald’s for their convenience, after all, there is a reason why they are a fast food chain right? If most of you didn’t know, Explodingbelly has recently transitioned into a working adult. FINALLY RIGHT. You guys watched me grow! :’) HAHAHA! And these days, I really appreciate a quick, fuss free, and […]

Beat the Heat with Waan Cha’s T...

Photo May 21, 13 08 59

I heard it’s 35 degrees out there today. Also, Explodingbelly has just become a full fledged adult, and knows how all of you working people feel – that excitement to get a good drink when you head back to office after lunch as you face the throngs and throngs of work. Or is it just me? […]

Review: Mo’mor Izakaya @ Tangli...

Photo May 11, 20 11 27

SET LUNCH MENUS at just $15++ EVERYDAY only at Mo’mor Izakaya. I don’t think there are any other better deals you can find in the town area, especially on weekends! Hi all, yet another post by Chewypompipi, this time round the pictures nicer cause it’s MINE. Dont worry, explodingbelly will be back with more posts, […]



YES THE FIRST 24 HOUR HELLO KITTY CAFE IN THE WORLD IS RIGHT HERE IN CHANGI AIRPORT. Explodingbelly is so busy with work these days, this post is brought to you by Chewypompipi – the same person who brought you the review of POMPOMPURIN! Following her fellow Sanrio friend Pompompurin, Hello Kitty has also found […]

What to Expect at Savour 2016

Photo May 12, 16 36 34

Why cafe hop when you can restaurant hop this weekend at Savour 2016, with dishes starting from just $6 and up, NO GST NO SERVICE CHARGE. SERIOUSLY. NO ADMISSION FEES AS WELL. Savour 2016 comes back this year with a bang and super open doors, because admission is FREE! They are located at Bayfront Avenue, just […]

Review: Ninja Bowl @ Duxton Road R...

Photo Apr 28, 19 32 36

Off goes the old, in comes the new. It was definitely a sad moment for us when Department of Caffeine left their home at Duxton, and all that was revolving around my mind was, would Ninja Bowl be the hero we need at Duxton road? With the tough competition in the area such as the […]

Calla Spa – Indulgence Redefine...


The new(ish) and revamped Suntec City might just be my new favorite haunt, just like how it was during my childhood. Fun fact: My parents used to bring me there EVERY weekend. Gosh. In this brand new edition of Suntec City, I like it not only because of how spacious it is now and the large […]