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A Tour of Google Asia Pacific HQ R...


Hello all, is this title a click bait? No lah, do you think Explodingbelly has to resort to that?! Haha! I was very lucky to have been invited to the CNY party over at Google’s office earlier this month. I’m sure Google’s Office resonates with the definitions of BEST OFFICE IN THE WORLD, DREAM OFFICE/JOB, […]

Explodingbelly’s Melbourne Itin...


Hello guys, it’s been a 2 weeks (I know this post took too long) since I’m back from the best place I’ve been to in my life – Melbourne. The chill vibes, beautiful skies and cafe culture (minus the high expenses) held my heart in captive within this beautiful city. I know I’ve been harping on coming […]

Taipei, Taiwan – Get Your Sweet...


All you Explodingbelly readers should be glad that there’s finally an English review for Ten Ten Den Den 點點甜甜. Don’t believe, you all go google tentendenden now. But first, let me rant about how ulu this cafe is. After a good 15 mins walk from the nearest train station at Banqiao – winding through the […]

Shinjuku, Tokyo – Fuunji, best ...


Ever since my first trip to Japan, I’ve discovered the amazing alternative to ramen – TSUKEMEN. What is this? Basically tsukemen is ramen lor with their broth and noodles served separately, then dipped and eaten. The broth of a tsukemen tends to be richer and more concentrated, to the consistency such that it’s kinda like […]

Explodingbelly’s Adventure in J...


Since I’ve now found a way to blog from my phone, the inertia to post is much lesser because I finally do not have to edit then transfer to my computer and  upload to WordPress again. I can just upload straight from here! I am v happy. I’ve received several comments where you guys would […]

LAVA Omu Rice only at Omu

Photo Feb 17, 12 29 09

Well.. After missing out on Kyoto on both my trips to Japan, I thought I had to wait for a long, long, long time before I could witness the LAVA OMELETTE RICE from Kichi Kichi at Japan. BUT NO. I found it right on our all time favorite destination – BANGKOK. And guess what, you […]

Davao, Philippines – A Unique G...

Photo Apr 19, 11 16 43

Davao, what? That was my first reaction when I heard that we are heading there for our Blogger Familiarization Trip hosted by Cebu Pacific Air and the Philippine Department of Tourism – Davao. Seriously. In case you guys aren’t aware, here’s an interesting fact – THERE ARE 7,107 ISLANDS IN THE PHILIPPINES and Davao is […]

Kam Long Curry Fish Head – The ...

Photo May 09, 14 49 06

You might want to bring along a loaf of gardenia bread or baguette to this place. Kam Long, wow. Where have you been all my life? And I am probably late to the party because a single google search would fetch you tons of reviews. I’ve never heard of them until we met some friends […]

What it is Like to Travel Alone as a ...

Photo Apr 07, 13 18 54

I’ve seen many thought catalog-ish posts on traveling solo and how people find themselves on trips like these. I’ve always wondered how true it is, and when they talk about traveling solo as a girl, it’s almost always written by an angmoh, or it’s about their adventure to some exotic lands. This is for YOU, if […]

Explodingbelly’s Solo Adventure...

Got myself some pancakes at Siam Paragon. ALL FOR MYSELF THIS CHEESECAKE PANCAKE

Being the needy and clingy person I am, how did you guys think I fared on a trip alone to the Land of Smiles? Okay lah, I’m actually quite independent, but I’ve never travelled alone in my entire life, and so I thought it would be fun to share my experience with you guys all in one […]